Top 5 Must-See Places In The US

Published on 01/12/2023

The variety and mass of great places makes it incredibly difficult to compile a top 5 list for the USA. Every city and every state has its own sights and for many, the most beautiful are the places that are less well known. The special thing about America is that everyone goes to this country with their own dream, and everyone has their own individual ideas and impressions. So everyone has their own top 5 list. Nevertheless, the famous and most exciting places are listed here, which one should visit at least once in order to be able to have a say and also to be able to rate them.

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Top 5 Must-See Places In The US

New York Of Course

Of course, a very specific city is at the forefront. Hardly any other city in the world is as popular, well-known and loved as New York. The lively and vibrant metropolis is the scene of countless films and stories and also offers countless places worth seeing. You should take a few days to visit this city. Of course you have to visit the famous sights like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Ellis Island and Times Square. But to really enjoy the fascination of New York, it can be just as great to spend a day strolling around in different parts of the city, visiting well-known bohemian districts or taking a break in Central Park.

Los Angeles/ Hollywood

LA is also one of the most famous cities in the USA. Celebrity feeling and star glamor also attract countless tourists to the metropolis. You can’t get enough sights here either. Of course, the Walk of Fame must be visited as well as Venice Beach or the Santa Monica Pier and the Dolby Theater, where the Oscars are awarded. A tour of Hollywood, past the homes of the rich and famous, is also worthwhile if you’ve always wanted to stand in front of the fence of your favorite singer/actor. In addition to amusement parks such as Disneyland, Pacific Park or Universal Studios, you can also spend your time in numerous exciting museums

Las Vegas

This city is a real myth full of magic, splendor and dreams. Celebrate a night in the trendy clubs, where you might even meet a star or two, or experience the thrill of a night at the gaming table in the casino.
In addition to entertainment and experiences, Las Vegas also has an equally exciting cultural scene to offer. For art lovers, for example, the Las Vegas Art District south of downtown is a must. Immerse yourself in another world for a while, you can do that in Las Vegas, let yourself be carried away by the splendor and temptations and when you continue, you always look back at this city with a smile on your face.

San Francisco/Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably one of the most famous bridges in the world and, along with the Statue of Liberty, one of the symbols of America. It provides a breathtaking picture and with a length of 2737 meters was the longest suspension bridge in the world for a long time. Numerous vantage points provide a great view of the bridge and the San Francisco skyline. When traveling to the USA, a photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge is definitely part of the repertoire.

Grand Canyon

Not only the metropolises of America are famous, the breathtaking landscapes also attract visitors from all over the world. One of the best known here is probably the Grand Canyon. The gorge takes your breath away and makes you forget any sense of dimension and size. As powerful as this place is, you feel so small and inconspicuous and you are grateful to be a part of this wonderful world that creates such things. In addition to the Grand Canyon itself, which can be viewed from a number of vantage points, the surrounding national park with numerous Indian reservations is also worth a visit. For the sporty there are demanding hiking routes that lead past the natural spectacles.