The Hidden Gems Of Madagascar

Published on July 22, 2020

The island of Madagascar is not as popular and widely visited as let’s say the Caribbean Islands or Islands of Asia. However, what Madagascar has to offer is incredibly beautiful beaches, waters, and every aspect is rich in culture. Whether it is a hillside view, the animal packed African brush, or the warm blue waters of the Mozambique channel- Madagascar should be on everyone’s list of places to travel to. Madagascar is famous for its lemurs, chameleons, orchids, and breathtaking baobab trees but other than that homes some of the world’s best flora and fauna, which adds to a relaxing experience.

The Local Communities

The island of Madagascar holds multiple cultures, 18 dialects, and different belief systems. A part that is often missed by travelers is experiencing ad seeing how some locals live. Although they live at 3rd world standards and in some ways it can be saddening to see how individuals in these situations alive, hospitality and culture are a simple must! The nature you will see, the food you will eat and a multitude of people will be one of the fondest memories you make traveling. The authenticity is heart-warming.

Tsaratanana National Park

The Tsaratanana National Park is home to jungle, wildlife, rivers, and mountainous terrain too. You can spend weeks experience all its beauty. Hiking, climbing, and seeing the famous lemurs in action- this is the perfect place to witness it all. It is also known that the park homes many new species which are always being discovered by biologists, recently 3 new species of gecko were found.


Ifaty is found on the south-western edge of Madagascar, it is a stretch of fishing villages and is known for its luxurious resorts and stunning beaches. The Indian ocean offers top-class marine life, perfect if you are looking to scuba dive or snorkel. Fresh fish curries, reed villages, catamaran tours, and the perfect place to relax- this is Ifaty.

Cap Sainte Marie

This is where the Mozambique channel meets the Indian Ocean, the sky and water come together, and although hard to tell exactly where it is a spectacular sight. This is at the southern-most tip of Madagascar. It is not very sought out and not often visited as the closest town to this point is an eight-hour drive away. If you have the patience, the time and are looking for a completely rare experience this is the place for you! With the view from the sand dunes you can see humpback whales, old remains can be found in the sand and the locals spear-fishing are a sight in their own.

Nosy Be

Nosy Be is home to Madagascar’s trademark beaches. However, the coves and inlets are enticing and simply gorgeous. This is also a hub of Madagascar’s vibe with beach parties that fall across the yellow sands. You can travel by boat to different parts of the island and one of these should definitely be to Nosy Be in order to experience its enticing and serene views.