6 Countries 6 Health Tips

Published on 02/20/2020

Living a healthy lifestyle is on everyone’s agenda, balance and a healthy way are something we all strive for simply to look good, feel good and for our bodies to good. There are tons of tips, tricks, and methods regarding this but we thought we let you in on some of the insider secrets of countries around the world. We all have our ways and culture plays a huge part in health beliefs and benefits, so here are 6 tips from 6 different countries regarding different lifestyle aspects.

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6 Countries 6 Health Tips


Russians promote utilizing something called a banya, similar to a sauna. The hot sauna-like environment is known for reducing stress, boosting mood and detoxifying the body. Surrounding your body in warmth actually tricks your brain into mirroring emotional warmth and reduces your stress levels and lifts your mood right back up. Also, Russia can get cold so this makes sense. I suppose for those of us that do not have a nearby banya we can hit the sauna.


This middle-eastern beauty boasts a world-renowned attraction: the Dead Sea. The mud from the Dead Sea is rich in sodium, magnesium, bromides, and minerals that rejuvenate the skin, reduce inflammation and hydrate. This mud is found in an array of products not only at the Dead Sea itself and is used by Israelis all over their bodies, they have incredible skin just by the way. Luckily for you, Dead Sea products can be bought around the world.


The Danish have a tip that is a little closer to home and free. They believe that spending time with loved ones, family, friends and simply connecting with people is the best mood enhancer and way to defeat being sad or down in colder months. They refer to it as being “hygge” which means cozy.  This method of connecting allows for oxytocin to be released, the love hormone yes but the hormone that boosts social confidence and mood.


Who doesn’t love a little Thai massage? Well, the Thai believe this is the best method for overall well-being. The stress-relieving method allows for serotonin to be released into the body, serotonin is an antidepressant that is naturally produced in the body. The pressure from the techniques are stress-relieving and in turn mood-boosting.


Oatmeal and we are not talking about your morning meal. With the hot and tropical climates of Brazil, sunburns can be terribly painful. Thus, Brazilians use freshly rolled oats on a gauze pad which is then wrapped around the tap of their bathtubs, the water passes through the oats for some oat-flavored bathwater. The minerals seep into the water and ease the sunburn.


The Chinese are huge on herbs and spices as we know. One of the most highly recommended is Astragalus which originates from a root. The root assists in healing colds, flu, allergies, and other flu-like symptoms. Including herbs and spices is a productive way of nutrient intake and simply spicing up your life.