Take Your Self-Care To Another Level With These Tips

Published on 02/02/2020
Take Your Self Care To Another Level With These Tips

Take Your Self Care To Another Level With These Tips

When self-care is spoken about, people tend to only talk about hot baths and face masks. While that’s great, there’s so much more to taking care of yourself than those things. Even small things that we do during the day can have such a big effect on us in the short or long run. When we talk about self-care here, we mean taking on small habits that will help you both physically and mentally. This might sound like a big commitment that takes a lot of effort, but we assure you it’s not. These things are here to help you reduce stress, improve your sleep quality, and make you feel better overall. We’ve gathered a list of things you can take on in order to improve your life – feel free to pick and choose as you please!

Go For A Walk

Did you know that being outside regulates the body and reduces stress? Being outside in nature for just 10 minutes a day can drastically improve your health! Not to mention, walking is also a great thing for the body and mind.

Meet A Friend

We can all get lonely sometimes. Call up a friend or two and set up a time to meet and catch up. Being socially active makes such a difference to your health.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Staying in every now and again can do wonders for your health. Take an evening to relax and watch something you love.

Drink More Water

You’d be surprised at the difference it makes when you drink enough water. When you’re dehydrated, you tend to get tired, groggy, and irritated more easily, to name a few. Carry a water bottle around with you to make sure you meet your goals.

Light A Candle

This sounds like it wouldn’t do anything, but having a candle or two burning can change the entire atmosphere of a room. It makes it feel more cozy, comforting, and homey.

Practice Deep Breathing

Once a day, or even once a week, practice some deep breathing exercises. This will help you lower anxiety and stress.

Listen To Your Favorite Music

Music can change your mood completely. Take a little time whenever you can to listen to some tunes, whether it’s in the morning while you get ready or on your way to work.

Go To Bed Earlier

Of course, sleep is vital for every single person. We tend to get wrapped up with life and things we want or need to do, usually at the expense of sleep. However, sleep is one of the most important things for you.

Write Down 5 Things You’re Grateful For

This is a good practice to have on a regular basis. It can change your whole mindset and perspective for the better.


If you work at a desk or just find that you aren’t moving all that much throughout the day, take a few minutes to stretch every now and again.

Cook Yourself A Meal

Learn how to make a few staple meals you love and cook them on a regular basis. Aside from saving you money, this will be a much healthier option than eating out or buying ready-made food.


You’d be surprised how much a difference a clean space makes when it comes to your mood. Having a messy space can really mess with your mind. Take some time to clean your house.

Stand Up Regularly

Throughout the day, make sure you’re getting up every now and then – preferably once an hour – to make sure you aren’t too sedentary.